5 Tips for Ghost Recon Shadow Wars

Having just finished Ghost Recon Shadow Wars I wanted to give you guys a bit of a heads up on what to look out for as you progress through the game. There were a couple of things I missed early on that if I had caught them could have made the game just that bit easier.

Ghost Recon Shadow Wars

Tip 1: Save Regularly but Save Surely Just to make sure you’re aware of this I want to make it very clear. YOU CAN SAVE AT ANY POINT THROUGH EACH LEVEL!!Phew, glad I got that off my chest.Early on in the game I had to start a few levels from scratch and inadvertently ended up putting my 3DS down because some of these levels can last longer than 30 minutes. Had I been saving regularly I could have made sure I didn’t have to start the levels again.Word of warning however is that you can save in a bad place too. Make sure the area is clear and you are free to move around. Don’t save if it looks as though you could die in the next couple of turns.

Tip 2: Equip Your Ghosts CorrectlyIf took me some time to realise that in Ghost Recon Shadow Wars you can change the equipment of your Ghosts to suit the level your are in. *SLAP* That’s what I get for not reading the manual but nobody does…. right?Some levels require more explosives than other, more armour, better movement, EMP fire and so on and you will often not find out until a Ghost dies that you could have been better equipped. Just make sure you dress for the occasion.

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Tip 3: Mint Can Repair Friendly Drones TooSpoiler Alert!Later in the game you get your own drones. It took me a while to realise that I could put Mint’s skills to better use that just looking after his own equipment and shooting with his lame BB gun.By the end of the game I have Mint travelling around fixing anything he could get his hands on.

Tip 4: Saffron Isn’t Only for HealingI found Saffron to be an essential member of the team and always had her with me when we were travelling in smaller groups. Saffron can heal well but also packs a decent punch with her guns.However, when she isn’t healing or shooting the Zemya make sure she is buffing her team mates. Having 100% in power up makes a huge difference to the game. For example, when Haze is at full power the pain delivered from his sniper rifle can rip through the strongest armour.

Tips 5: Open Locked Doors with BansheeOften when you open a locked door in Ghost Recon Shadow Wars a new group of Zemya will appear. If you open it with anyone other than Banshee they will receive the full torrent of attack. If you use Banshee they won’t see her because of her extremely helpful stealth cloak.There you have it guys, 5 tips to get you started. As I mentioned in my review this is an awesome game and there is loads to do in it. Have a read through these tips again and the next time you go to play Ghost Recon Shadow Wars you will be well equipped and ready to rock!Filed Under: 3DS, Game Chat, ghostrecon.

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