How to Choose Best Massage Table?

Choosing the best massage table is not a difficult task. My today’s discussion with you is to make you aware of the needs, quality and different options that will help in picking the best massage table. For a professional massage therapist, it is crucial that his massage table must be comfortable for the clients and durable as well. You as a therapist buy a massage table with the expectation that you won’t have to make an investment in the upcoming 4-6 years. So, this choice must be good enough to match with your estimate. Moreover, without a quality table you can deliver an effective and cozy treatment to your clients.

How to Choose Best Massage Table?

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I still remember my first experience with massage therapy, and it was interesting, but for a while as I picked the wrong table. Although my first ten clients were very happy with my service and some even left bonuses for me. However, after those ten clients massage my arms were badly aching. It seemed as if I were in need of a massage therapist. Anyhow, I discussed the matter with some professional therapists; they inquired me off the table I was using. As a conclusion, they told me that there wasn’t anything wrong with my expertise or way of massaging. It was my table that had a bad angle and features. I knew that I got this in cheap, but at the end I had to make a good investment. It’s been quite some years that I am going well and good with my current massage table. My clients are happy as well!

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So, what were those important things that I considered that helped me in getting an ideal massage table that any therapist is looking for? Well, I’ve explained all such factors in choosing the best massage table below. Please read until the end, I’m sure you’ll benefit a lot.

Choosing the Best Massage Table

• Width is one of the most important factors because you’ll come across different clients. Some would be thin, average and some bulky. The width must be suitable enough that your client whether small or large can easily make a turn when required. Moreover, ensure that it’s enough for an average size body. There are some therapists who prefer a narrow table. It also depends on your choice, but we’ll prefer you to opt in for a good width.

• Height of the table is another key factor. Nowadays, all massage tables come with adjustable heights but still you have to test out for an ideal height. Too much height or too less height will cause pain in your arms. The height must be balanced so that you can stretch your arms full without any fuss. Normally, the adjustable heights are from 20 inches and up to 36 inches. Choose the one that suits you best.

• Next thing to consider is the weight of the table. It should be average so that you can move it around whenever required.

• Choosing whether you need a portable or non-portable table is totally up to you and your working conditions. If you are therapists who attend calls, list down the address and drive to home, then you need a portable massage table. Else if you welcome your customers at a physical therapy center than a non-portable would be good.

• The material of the frame can be aluminum (highly recommended), wooden or some other steel. Why Aluminum? Because it Is lightweight, rust free, chip free and has a longer lifespan than other materials.

• Make sure that the table has a neck rest and an armrest area for the client.

Common Mistakes

• Avoiding the dimensions and features.
• Skimping on the cheap table that gives a shoddy experience.
• Choosing a table with a lifting backrest that may create a problem for the client.
I hope that you’ve learned some great tips on choosing the best massage tables. Now head over to some recommendations we have listed, go through the features and choose the perfect table for your business.

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