Games to Play on Hallow’s Eve

Games to Play on Hallow’s Eve

If you’re the type of person who hates kids running around Halloween night or just wasn’t inviting to parties, it looks like passing out treats will be your job today. But don’t worry. Besides watching old slasher films that saturate TV today, how about lifting the controller for some games that fit the Halloween mould?

This list of  games should keep you company for just today.Costume Quest You know what’s lamer than having Halloween on a Monday? Watching your younger sibling get kidnapped by baddies because dumb ghouls thought he/she looked like candy. Geez, siblings suck.

Costume QuestFarcry Primal Crack

Costume Quest is an adventure turn-based game where you search for your dumb sibling around the neighbourhood.

Different taught of Different Interest

  • Hit up the park and the mall and, dun-dun-don, the graveyard. He/she can’t be that far, right? If you have young children to watch after tricking and treating, find this little gem made by my favourite devs Double Fine. Though Costume Quest isn’t “scary,” it is worth getting for the little ones. Deadly Premonition. Do you like Twin Peaks?
  • Do you like ghost phantoms that walk with their backs bent backwards towards you? How about serial killers that target only women in a small town where weirdly is normal? What about collecting cards?
  • There’s a lot going on with Deadly Premonition, and the majority of it will be how bad the controls are. If you can get passed the mechanics of the game, a fine little story embedded in Deadly Premonition will pleasantly surprise you.
  • This is one of those games where the narrative shines brighter than everything else, but it also lends itself to hate if controls frustrate you.If you want something a little more “sane,” try your hand at Alan Wake (though only slightly more reasonable).
  • Alan Wake fits the Twin Peaks vibe and contains a very engaging narrative to follow. Just ignore the horrible lip-syncing job when the cutscenes occur.
  • Amnesia: The Dark DescentYou’ve seen all the Youtube clips of this game. You know this game plays heavily on sound to create that terrifying atmosphere everyone flinches. You know how important sanity is while running around a dark dungeon as random flashbacks sound off at every corner.
  • You know there are no weapons, no defence; only closets and the high noise outside the cabinet doors. Do I need to get into Amnesia?Think my games aren’t “scary” enough? Well, make your list in the comments.Filed Under: Game Chat
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