5 Tips: How To Grab Traffic From LinkedIn

LinkedIn Traffic

Well, getting traffic to your blog is a bit harder than it was before because of Google’s hard policies and tough competition in almost every niche.

But as you have read above, I have said its hard but its not impossible as you may have seen many pro bloggers receiving tons of traffic daily on their blogs. You can also be one of them but for that you need to play smart.

Organic traffic is never the only source for ranking and making money because their is Social Media and if you use it smartly, a large traffic exposure is waiting to be loaded on your blog.

So, can you guess? What are we going to talk about? Yes, LinkedIn

Apart from other popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc .. LinkedIn is also in the race with all the other social networks and it can provide you with great traffic, if you are serious about it.

But before proceeding further, let me just explain how exactly LinkedIn works for those who have just heard about this network.

What Actually LinkedIn Is?

LinkedIn actually is a social networking website same as Facebook or you can say Twitter where people more specifically business celebs link with each other, share stuff with each other, talk to each other. So, what comes in your mind? It can be your main source of exposure, Want To Know How?? Keep reading mate …

1- Completing Your Profile!

As you may have heard “First Impression Is The Last Impression” and your linkedin profile is the first impression to the viewer and you need to make it good.

Complete your whole profile, filling out all the correct information, adding some nice tagline, description, a picture of yours. 

You must also add something about your blog or website and what do you offer on it.

2- Building Connections

Search for people within your business industry, follow them and make sure they follow you back. 

LinkedIn is an amazing online tool to send traffic to your website but only if you are using it properly and its when you are connecting to the write people.

The more connections you have, the more people will see your updates.

3- Being Active – The Key!

I don’t think, I have to stretch it up so long because activeness is the key to success in almost every business. Same is the case in driving traffic from LinkedIn. 

You need to be active as much as possible and follow the below points:

  • Update Your Status Whenever You Get Time: You can do this to build trust in your connections because the more they will see your blog;s logo or your picture, a sense of trust will automatically between you and your connections. Update the published posts on your blog, you can do it wisely.
  • Spamming Is Bad: Keep a check while you are sharing stuff from your blog like the url of your posts etc … because too much of it can force the LinkedIn administration to ban you from sharing it.
  • Share Other’s Work: Well, you can busy and if you can’t update your blog 3-4 times a week its no problem, just visit your friend’s or someone other’s blog, put out some informational and helpful article and share it for your connections.

4- Joining Relevant Groups

One of the best sources to grab traffic from on LinkedIn are the mighty groups. There are almost 2 million groups on LinkedIn and almost 85% of the users belong to at least one of the groups. 

There are groups from sales marketing to internet marketing and you can surely find groups relevant to your niche where you can share your own stuff.

Find groups on LinkedIn regarding your own niche and don’t just look for how many users it has but instead look for the engagement on that group because the thing which is going to give you traffic is never the number of users but its the percentage of engagement. The more the engagement on a blog, the more chances of receiving more amount of real time visitors.

If you can’t find a group related to your interests, don’t just loose hope and leave this awesome network but go and create your own group, fill in your own connections in it. 

Make that group active, share content that the users want the most and you will even receive higher traffic from your own group than from the groups of others.

5- Write Engaging And Wanted Content

Off-course you need to publish appealing content on your LinkedIn profile or in the groups. Assume, your niche is about blogging, your connections are also with bloggers, and you are writing on health? What Kind Of Sense You Possess?

Write about the content; you think your users are expecting from you. Publish engaging content, give something worthy related to your niche for free, host giveaways because these types of promotions are great ways to get immense traffic and sometimes these promotions let your hosting server down, OOPs too much traffic …


So, what did you learn today? I did my best to explain how can you grab traffic from LinkedIn. I hope it works for you and it will if you use it correctly because its working for me.

I am available for questions, let your mind speak. See Ya!

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