3 Games I Had a Hard Time Convincing Others to Play

3 Games I Had a Hard Time Convincing Others to Play. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been there. I’ve played a few games which I’ve suggested others to play and for some reason they’re put off about some certain aspect in the game that just makes them say, “No.” Here are just a few of those examples.Guitar Hero / Rock Band 3.

Guitar HeroGuitar Hero


The  controller looks like a toy. It’s not even a real guitar and it doesn’t even teach you how to play songs.I have a confession to make. When I saw Guitar Hero for the first time, I thought it looked dumb. Yes, I know how stupid of me. I didn’t fully appreciate the craft of this music game until Rock Band came out. By then I still didn’t think much of the guitar controllers, but those drums. God, I always wanted to be a drummer and the joy I felt when playing Rock Band as the drummer erased all of my previous notions about music rhythm games. So what if the instruments look like toys and didn’t teach you to play like a real pro, that wasn’t the point. The point of the game was to find a few friends and lead your pretend band on a fun jamming tour. In the end, that’s all that really mattered. Also note that Rock Band 3 recently came out with a Pro guitar that is now able to teach you how to play your favorite rock songs if you so desire.

Rock Band 3Rock Band 3

The Sims Excuse: Why would I play a game where I’m doing things I do in real life?

The SimsThe Sims Excuse

The Sims series are in their third installment along with all the extra content that came in between. It has shown its popularity as a franchise through their long lasting fan base.

Ending Sauce – Review

why do people still think the Sims is just “Real Life: The Game?” I don’t want to examine their psyche, but all I’ll say is they’re wrong. Sims isn’t about controlling people just to survive another day, it’s about creating your own story with these avatars. For example, how many people created a rich Sim that owned everything offered in the game, built an awesome million dollar mansion, and maxed out every skill?

After doing that, didn’t the game feel boring? The Sims wasn’t meant to be played like every other game on the market. It was meant to build a story revolving around created characters and their interactions with others Sims and the Sim world. You weren’t necessarily God, but an Author creating a story with a cast of varied characters.

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